t6 infotainment

  1. Cocoamedia

    Carista - Infotainment screens list

    Here is a list of the Infotainment welcome screens that I get with Carista and my 2017 Highline T32 for information. Type 1 - Twindrive Type 2 - GTD Type 3 - GTI Type 4 - Bluemotion Type 5 - e-Golf Type 6 - R-Line Type 7 - R Logo Took me a while to activate them all so I thought I would share...
  2. Pauly

    The T6 Infotainment & Car-Net SSP-562 2016

    VW Self Study Programme, Document 562 - Infotainment and Car-Net in T6 2016 With the market launch of the Caddy 2016 and Transporter T6, the "Commercial Vehicles" brand is also entering the generation of the modular infotainment system (MIB). This means the customer will have the opportunity to...