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  1. amv

    Difference between reimo easyfit and vtec

    Hello, as much as I look for information, I can't know the differences between one roof and another, I don't know if they are qualities, extras or the same roof ... Thank you
  2. J

    Vip Member

    Hi, Went to pay and found that, despite opting for the card payment option I had to create an paypal account. Is there a way around this! Thanks Jezzer
  3. andythom188

    Show Your T6 Forum Sticker With Pride

    Lets get some pics up of us showing off our T6 Forum membership stickers come on ladies and gents and if you aint got one get on the forum shop and buy one :thumbsup: CheeRs Andy
  4. Tourershine

    T6F... I was just thinking

    I actually was just thinking that I only use a couple of forums, this one, and one for my business. The thing I was actually thinking about was the fact that many forums tend to be for venting issues. Now, I may of only had my new T6 a few weeks, but i've done 4000 miles already, and nothing...
  5. Mark Rigby

    T6 - Dipped beam not working, main beam working w/ Error on dash

    Evening, have an odd problem. I have an error light on the dash indicating a headlight fault, dipped beam isnt working but main beam is on the one side, swapped the bulb between the light that is and isnt working and it works fine in the other. Are there seperate fuses for high and low beam and...
  6. TassieT6

    2-way Radios (CB, Amateur etc)

    Hello Has anybody fitted a 2-way radio in their T6? I'm curious to find out where people have mounted them, powered them (fuses, cable routing) and where you have run your antenna cables. Don't post photos of your expensive transceivers unless you are confident that the information won't be...
  7. Pauly

    Welcome new members

    A place for new members to stop by and say hello, tell us what your driving or planning to drive & anything else you want to share. If you want to post a question or discuss something specific please visit the appropriate sub forums. The forum rules can be found by clicking here whilst FAQ’s...