t6 conversion

  1. C

    Shower head for Dometic Sink

    Quick question.... can you get a shower head for a Dometic sink, preferably with a longer pipe. I want to try and use a single pump for both the sink and a shower head, so was wondering if you can get a shower head for a Dometic sink which I can then thread through the side window to use...
  2. R

    Aftermarket seat/bed on VW factory (Caravelle/Multivan) rails

    Hi all, i am looking for a 3seat/bed 120cm width for a T6 Multivan rails. Would anyone know where to find it? i ve tried with reimo but it seems it has its own rails , some other offering 2 seat only for such width. I am in trouble please help me! thx in advance
  3. F

    What Swamper Wheels?

    Hi All, I’ve decided to go for the swamper look and have started looking at what rims I need for some 235/70/r16 General Grabber AT3. Is there a particular size/model of rim I need or can I use any standard 16” rim? Not very clued up on this and couldn’t find anything useful online as yet...
  4. drew_greenday

    Mojave conversion

    I've had a t5 swb and a t5.1 lwb, both converted. The lwb was a poptop and units where the swb was more of a part conversion. I picked up 'hutch' two weeks ago from a vw centre in Newcastle. He is a 140 highline dsg in mojave. He's got factory fitted tailgate window and nothing else! Conversion...