starlight blue

  1. jenny-wren

    Which canvas colour with a Starlight Blue T6?

    Hello, Anyone out there have a starlight blue T6 with an Austops pop top? Which colour canvas did you choose, and do you have any pics to share? Such a hard choice...
  2. Rossi17

    Starlight Blue T6 Colour Ideas?

    Hi, Best colour match! I’m looking to transform my Starlight Blue T6 into life with fitting rear spoiler, front lower grill strip and possibly main grill strip a louder colour, orange, green, red? I’ve always been just a base colour, black dark blue, grey colour guy on my previous T5 T5.1...
  3. Jordy

    Transporter First Timer

    Hi all. Complete newbie here. Just placed an order for a T6.1 Caravelle Exec in Starlight Blue (stepping up from a Seat Alhambra now my kids are getting bigger). Already looking into pimping it up so any ideas, photos, do and don't advice, etc. gratefully received! Cheers!
  4. AdzT6


    Hi everyone, New around here so thought I would share some pictures of my pride and joy. Formerly used as my work van, I now have the chance to convert it so thought I would join the forum for some inspiration and advice. Haven't started to do anything to the van just yet, but hoping to real soon!
  5. Silverfox

    Opinions on alloys??

    Just a quick question guys and gals, What colour alloys do you think look best on a starlight blue metallic van? Don't think gloss or Matt black complement the colour at all. Was thinking anthracite or maybe a bit left field bronze. Here was two I found,what do you think?
  6. F

    Team Starlight Blue

    204 4motion with a few (not many) extras. Very much OEM ;)