split charge

  1. N

    Split charge relay mounting under drivers seat query

    I'm just about to install the cabling for the split charge relay from the main battery to the the underside of my drivers seat. I have ordered a proper battery tray for my leisure battery. (the battery is one that will fit height wise ok under the seat). But, the slight confusion I am having is...
  2. A2dczealous

    How to fit a solar panel video tutorial

    Hi fellow Dubbers. This weeks video is a solar install using the Skyline Roofs 150W solar panel kit and CTEK SE connection. A little geeky chat about PWM and MPPT too Also going to give away the PWM controller to one viewer, so check out the video and see what you think
  3. Sebnev

    Voltage Split Charge Relay - Sanity Check

    I bought my van already converted over a year ago. After reading tons of threads on the forum I'm not sure the electrics are setup the right way. Mine is setup with a voltage split charge relay (see pic attached), and a flooded acid type battery. Is this the right setup for the way the Euro...
  4. DubiousEngineering

    Video How To Install A Leisure Battery Under The Drivers Seat...

    I made this video because it needed a video! Sorry for the long explanation of smart alternators... but some of us need to know that stuff!! Give it time, the install happens eventually! - It was hard work finding a place in the bulkhead and routing the cables as i had to pull apart the dash...
  5. Loz

    How to fit a TravelVolts DC-DC / battery-to-battery charger kit

    This guide takes you step by step through fitting @travelvolts DC-DC charging kit for leisure batteries. Why fit this kit: VW are still installing their standard split charge relay on vehicles fitted with leisure batteries, however, the latest Bluemotion technology has a few undesirable side...
  6. I

    Split charge or Battery to Battery charger please read

    Hi Guys Ok i have a t5.1 12 plate and have always just ran 25mm2 to the front seat from a Duralit 140amp split charge to 1 or 2 banner batteries and all has been well in the world Now i've took the plunge and ordered a euro 6 Cherry red LWB van with lots of options for march 1 delivery So...