smart alternator

  1. T

    Voltage 15Volt charging

    Hello all I Got these codes coming up Anyone can tell me what it is ? Van is 2019 with 120k miles on It seems like fans are coming on quiet often even after short journeys sometimes Plus alternator is charging at 15 volt when engine running and when not running battery showing 11.9 volt...
  2. Z

    Battery IBS cable

    Is ok to leave the IBS cable disconnected from the battery negative? I have a voltage sensitive relay for charging my secondary battery and the mechanic told me with this cable off I'll have costant voltage (transporter T6 2015). Thanks
  3. R

    T6.1 disable smart alternator?

    Has anyone successfully disabled the smart alternator to allow a simple battery isolator to charge a second battery?
  4. OllieGBR

    Smart Alternator - all T6?

    Are all T6 vans equipped with smart alternators, or is it only those with Euro6 cat engines? I have a 2016 T6 Euro5 engine, (no adblue).
  5. DubiousEngineering

    Howto Video On Fitting A Ctek Dc-dc Charge Controller

    Sorry, its a long video, and it may not be the "official" or "correct" way to fit a leisure battery and CTEK DC-DC charger system to handle the euro6 smart alternator charging on the VW T6. That said, this is how we did it!! I hope its useful for those of you that are converting a van to a...
  6. DubiousEngineering

    Video How To Install A Leisure Battery Under The Drivers Seat...

    I made this video because it needed a video! Sorry for the long explanation of smart alternators... but some of us need to know that stuff!! Give it time, the install happens eventually! - It was hard work finding a place in the bulkhead and routing the cables as i had to pull apart the dash...
  7. I

    VSR, Split Charge or Battery to Battery charger for T6?

    Hi Guys Ok i have a t5.1 12 plate and have always just ran 25mm2 to the front seat from a Duralit 140amp split charge to 1 or 2 banner batteries and all has been well in the world Now i've took the plunge and ordered a euro 6 Cherry red LWB van with lots of options for march 1 delivery So...