smart alternator

  1. Z

    Battery IBS cable

    Is ok to leave the IBS cable disconnected from the battery negative? I have a voltage sensitive relay for charging my secondary battery and the mechanic told me with this cable off I'll have costant voltage (transporter T6 2015). Thanks
  2. R

    T6.1 disable smart alternator?

    Has anyone successfully disabled the smart alternator to allow a simple battery isolator to charge a second battery?
  3. OllieGBR

    Smart Alternator - all T6?

    Are all T6 vans equipped with smart alternators, or is it only those with Euro6 cat engines? I have a 2016 T6 Euro5 engine, (no adblue).
  4. DubiousEngineering

    Howto Video On Fitting A Ctek Dc-dc Charge Controller

    Sorry, its a long video, and it may not be the "official" or "correct" way to fit a leisure battery and CTEK DC-DC charger system to handle the euro6 smart alternator charging on the VW T6. That said, this is how we did it!! I hope its useful for those of you that are converting a van to a...
  5. DubiousEngineering

    Video How To Install A Leisure Battery Under The Drivers Seat...

    I made this video because it needed a video! Sorry for the long explanation of smart alternators... but some of us need to know that stuff!! Give it time, the install happens eventually! - It was hard work finding a place in the bulkhead and routing the cables as i had to pull apart the dash...
  6. I

    VSR, Split Charge or Battery to Battery charger for T6?

    Hi Guys Ok i have a t5.1 12 plate and have always just ran 25mm2 to the front seat from a Duralit 140amp split charge to 1 or 2 banner batteries and all has been well in the world Now i've took the plunge and ordered a euro 6 Cherry red LWB van with lots of options for march 1 delivery So...