silent coat

  1. B

    Silent Coat 2mm , 3mm or 4mm sound deadening

    Hi , 1st post so hopefully it's in the correct place. Apologies if its been asked before but I can't see anything regarding the different thickness of Silent Coat sound deadening sheets . From what I can see most people opt for the 2mm version which is foil backed - the 4mm version may be to...
  2. nimrod

    ‘Clarity Acoustic’ sound deadening brand

    has anybody used the heavy duty sound deadening mat "clarity acoustic", 2mm. supplier is affordablemotorspares on e bay, it has clarity acoustic across the picture. I am more concerned about the adhesion as I have the roof and rear door to do, I have been using dodo but this works out a much...
  3. walnuts

    Sold Silent Coat 2mm Mat

    I've got 12 sheets of this (27cm x 37cm each) left over from soundproofing my van. Seems a shame to chuck it in the bin, so will give it away for free if anyone wants it. Collection from Portishead near Bristol, might be able to post it at a push.