second battery

  1. Daviesmd

    Want To Add A Second Leisure Battery

    Hi I have a ctek250sa and it currently charges from alternator and solar panel - I am looking to add a second battery to my system and was wondering is it as simple as connecting the leisure batteries in parallel?
  2. amb217

    2nd Battery Location - Multivan

    Hi all, I am awaiting a 2018 Multivan SWB for the growing family. Unfortunately the dealer didnt tell me about the OEM VW factory fitted second battery option. Now I have been doing some research and come across this forum. They are offering to put one behind the rear wheel arch in the boot...
  3. J

    Factory fitted second battery vs. webasto heater

    Hi, I have a multivan with factory fitted auxilary/second battery and webasto heater(water). Unfortunatelly my dealer does not know if the main battery is disconnected (or will be disconnected when some threshold voltage is reached) during camping with heater on. I would like to know if I can...
  4. Mojo80

    Solar panel/second leisure battery

    Looking at adding a solar panel to my van, and someone has proposed a second leisure battery and a 60w panel. I know the panel isn't as powerful as most fit on theirs, but do people think it would be sufficient with the second leisure battery? Thanks in advance