second battery

  1. J

    2nd lesiure battery

    Hi guys i want to fit a 2nd lesiure battery to a t6 , has anybody done this? Tips please.
  2. RikParr73

    How to add 2nd (portable) leisure battery to current Euro 6/CTEK 250 System

    I currently have a Euro 6 engine with CTEK 250SA set up, using a single 110ah LB and 110w solar panel. All is working fine. I want to add a second leisure battery that I will house in a portable tool box that I can connect to the system in the van to either simply charge it or to add additional...
  3. kn0bby

    CTEK D250SA - Two leisure batteries?

    Anyone know if you can run two leisure batteries off a CTEK D250SA? Thanks
  4. Daviesmd

    Want To Add A Second Leisure Battery

    Hi I have a ctek250sa and it currently charges from alternator and solar panel - I am looking to add a second battery to my system and was wondering is it as simple as connecting the leisure batteries in parallel?
  5. D

    2nd Leisure Battery

    Looking to connect an extra so I have longer time before I have to get battery charged while wild camping. See attached pics this is the one in the van at the moment but dont recognise the brand....any ideas? I the 85 AH version. Is it correct I have to have the same brand and...
  6. Mojo80

    Solar panel/second leisure battery

    Looking at adding a solar panel to my van, and someone has proposed a second leisure battery and a 60w panel. I know the panel isn't as powerful as most fit on theirs, but do people think it would be sufficient with the second leisure battery? Thanks in advance