1. Dellmassive

    T6 T6 Speakers 2020-01-11

    T6 Speakers
  2. Ethan Andrews

    Reversing camera and Pioneer stereo

    I am after fitting a reversing camera to my T6 which only has the non camera composite media unit. I have weighed up all of the options, and it all comes down to money And how good the systems are. I also want car play. And with that in mind I wonder if there is any point in buying a...
  3. Mike Aubury

    Sat nav capable head units

    Just got my T6 - but there's no satnav on the head unit. Device Part # 1K8035150E I've no idea what it is even.. Anyway - I've tried hooking up an android phone via USB (theres a usb socket mounted in the dash) to see if it can screen mirror - but that didn't work. So - what are my options ...