salop vans

  1. sipep

    Advice need - broken lowering spring.

    Hi all,. My van was originally from solop vans and they put lowering springs on by default. The front passenger side has broken. What is my best option.. I doubt I can buy 1. X lowering springs, even if I find out the manufacturer.. also other springs look in poor condition. Cheap...
  2. W

    Help - Info For Recaro Seats

    Hi what a great forum. Took delivery of my T6 (2016 plate) last week and want to swap and upholster the seats. Currently with a single and a bench in the front but want to change to 2 x captain seats. I saw an example in Salop Vans last week and the seat back is a Recaro from an RS4 and...
  3. Dave Coughlan

    Grille Options

    Hit a low flying bird yesterday and the front main grill is now cracked and damaged. The VW emblem went missing but managed to find that... So wondering what options are out there for a new grill? Links and pics would be great