roof light

  1. T

    Interior Light Unit Removal

    Hi All I’m trying to remove the whole interior light unit in the cab but having troubles. Any got instructions or a video of how to do this?
  2. saxoboy

    For Sale Ambient Cabin Overhead Lighting

    Hi Guys, I have a few of these kits for sale, they are very easy to fit and transform your T6 Cabin....they give an ambient red light from above as per many German car manufactures. I fitted one of these 3 months ago and it really has made driving in the dark, cool....even with H4 bulbs! I'm...
  3. T6 Owl

    Interior Overhaul

    Hi All, Recently had my T6 interior brought up to speed, thought i’d share it! Dynamat sound deadening Insulation Two tone carpet lining Alcantara roof lining Carbon fibre wrapped roof splits LED spots Rear speaker installation Front speaker & tweeter upgrades 12v socket in rear Jack moved to...
  4. Vince

    Interior Roof Oem Light Copper Part

    Hi, Does anyone happen to have a spare thin copper bit from inside that holds the bulb in place.. I took my light out to start putting wooden paneling up and the metal / copper bit popped out and I can't find it anywhere.. Or can I buy that bit somewhere, instead of a whole new complete...