retro fit rear camera

  1. Howzat

    James Bond style reversing camera.

    So I'm having a mooch on the interweb for bits to stick on my van and I come across this. In action = YouTube OK, so not for a transporter and probably not doable but yeah, I still want one. :inlove:
  2. Robert

    Reversing Camera - Lowline to Highline Upgrade/Retrofit

    I want to have moving guidelines while reversing so I think I am going to do it :whistle:.
  3. Glenn Board

    Retro fit rear camera

    Hi, i want to add a rear camera to work in conjunction with my display and parking sensors, so it will work, look and function exactly as a factor fitted unit, I am happy to fit myself, so could somebody please advise where the best place to buy such a kit from please? Thanking you in advance.