retro fit rear camera

  1. F

    Wiring in reversing camera

    Hi, I bought a rcd330 and reversing camera to fit to the van. I trying to connect the camera to the car radio but have come against an issue. There is no space on the existing vans wiring loom to connect in the camera wiring block. see photos below. First picture is the camera block , middle...
  2. Howzat

    James Bond style reversing camera.

    So I'm having a mooch on the interweb for bits to stick on my van and I come across this. In action = YouTube OK, so not for a transporter and probably not doable but yeah, I still want one. :inlove:
  3. Robert

    Reversing Camera - Lowline to Highline Upgrade/Retrofit

    I want to have moving guidelines while reversing so I think I am going to do it :whistle:.
  4. Glenn Board

    Retro fit rear camera

    Hi, i want to add a rear camera to work in conjunction with my display and parking sensors, so it will work, look and function exactly as a factor fitted unit, I am happy to fit myself, so could somebody please advise where the best place to buy such a kit from please? Thanking you in advance.