retro-fit ac

  1. Bathaudio

    Installing Aircon in a T6 help!!

    Hi All, I have got a startline T6 without Aircon and am looking to install it! I have purchased a full system from a T6 same year. Has anyone got experience in this and is there anything I should be aware of =] TIA!! Sam
  2. M

    Retrofitting rear AC to SWB T6 Shuttle

    Hi I have recently bought a SWB 2016 T6 Shuttle and didn't realise it didn't have AC in the rear. I have it in the front but would like it in the back as well. Is this something that is possible? Has anyone attempted it?
  3. Jez

    Air-conditioning retrofit?

    Hi there. Has anyone had rear air conditioning reto-fitted by VW or aftermarket. I need to know if a bigger compressor is required to handle to the extra load eith from the factory or when retro-fitted. My 16,000 km (10,000 mile) van's compressor has packed it in and I would like to retrofit a...
  4. Adam_T6

    Air Con Retrofit - Has Anyone Successfully Done It?

    Hi, I have started collecting parts to retrofit air con to my van. Has this been successfully completed by anyone? I see it is commonly done on T5s but only an aftermarket kit is fitted by Alpinair to the T6. Does anyone know of any other parts required or have any wiring diagrams etc...
  5. T5SUG

    Does my Caravelle have rear Air-Con?

    Have a 66 plate SE spec Caravelle with air con. My question is does the air con not get through to the rear vents in the back? Is the seperate rear heater not connected to the air con in the cab ? Kids have been moaning there is no air in the back