reimo water tank b-c pillar

  1. Fish

    Fish's T6.1

    Thought I would set my own little thread for Bert. Next phase was today.. Sorting Dash out.. been building up the courage for a while now.. But.. For weeks now I have been driving round in a stripped out van.. image 1. It took 3 hrs to get the dash out.. and 3 hours to get in back in and...
  2. N

    My camper project

    Been around the forum for a bit but not really posted much. I've been researching mainly for my camper/Day van project so thought I'd start a project thread. The plan is get the roof fitted then do the rest myself. I'm waiting for date for that so thought I'd make a start stripping her out...
  3. VanBlanc

    Water Tank - internal or external?

    Has anyone fitted an underslung water tank to a T6? I am looking for about 40 litres and a pressurised pump system rather than submersible. I would also like a level indicator but nor sure how well one will fir or work in a relatively flat tank.