reimo bed

  1. M

    Reimo Power rail

    Hi first post so be nice ;-) I have bought a reimo variotech 3000 on the powerrail but wanted to know if there was any anchors or fixings that can fit into the rail to secure stuff like bikes in the van and or if there are any bike racks that fit into the rail themselves. thanks in advance
  2. M

    Reimo 3000 Seat

    Hi.... does anyome know of a storage soltion for under the seat that MOVES with the seat? ANything on the market or has anyone built anything? Appreciate your help. Thanks Mike
  3. Ann3x

    Kombi To Camper - 1st Time Conversion

    So here goes, I've been lurking a while but finally my van is here. Kombi 150 T32 4-Motion SWB in Starlight blue. Plenty of options included: Diff Lock Electric interface & MFU Power latching all around ACC LEDs Nav Factory Swivels Parking heater / factory leisure battery Comfort Dash etc...
  4. H

    Variotech 3000

    Anyone experiencing intermittent problems with their V/tech bed? The seat does not always pull out properly and ends up with one corner seeming to drop. When we then try to put it back together it is sometimes stuck.
  5. Keaney

    Hilo and Reimo 3000 or uberbus flux

    hi this is proving to be a headache! I want a super sleek roof and from what I’ve seen think the Hilo may tol the low life one when the aluminium frame is out. Anyway with the shirted head height of the Hilo I do want a bed that’s on rails to maximise rear space, bring the kids forward and...