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  1. Littleblackflash

    Where Is Connection 2 (75a) In Main Harness?

    Now the racing season is finished I have time to do some jobs on my van. I've fitted a tailgate with a wiper and I'm now connecting the wiring for the wiper. I have the wiring diagram (thanks Pauly) which shows the connections, but one wire goes to "Connection 2 (75a) in main harness". Where is...
  2. patbarn


    Hi All. In 48 hours I'm going to order a SWB Kombi 204TSi DSG in Bamboo Green. Simple Question open for discussion: TAILGATE or BARNDOORS?
  3. lough90

    New to T6's

    Ok I’m new to this T6 stuff, I may have jumped in too quick and not done enough research before buying. Didn’t do any research really and it basically came down to “ oooooh like picture , need one” . I’m happy with my T6 but am now wishing I had just taken my time. I purchased one from what I...