rainbow blinds

  1. iprice606

    Sold Rainbow Screen - Never Used

    Hey Guys I no longer have my van and I am selling my rainbow insulated screen I had on my T6.1 - Dark Grey with VW logo and carry case I have only had it on in the photo once when I was doing a Dry run setup in photos attached Looking to get as much back as possible Give me a shout if...
  2. andy greenwood

    Sold RAINBOW SCREENS - pop top cover ( Aqua ).

    FOR SALE........... RAINBOW SCREENS - pop top cover ( Aqua ). Bought 2019. We have just had our pop top roof replaced as it had a fault, this roof was originally fit in summer 2018 and this new roof is a new design and is taller.....basically our pop top cover no longer fits and is too small...
  3. 8balladdict

    Blinds, Shades, Curtains..

    Hi all, I really need to get some curtains or blinds sorted for my van, then I can practically consider using it as a camper. Before I pull the trigger on either van-x or veedub (not decided yet but think I'd prefer the black out option), is there any other options with considering? Initially...