rain sensor

  1. JordanGT

    Rain Sensor

    I want to install a sun strip across the top of the windscreen, however I have the rain sensor fitted. Does anyone have a template I can use to cut out the section?
  2. R

    Auto Wiper And Auto Headlights

    Hi all, I fitted a new rear view mirror in my T6 67 Highline - one with built in dash cam/ reverse cam etc. That's fine and working great, but... I was under the impression that auto headlights had a sensor built into the oem mirror and that auto wipers sensor was on the mirror mounting...
  3. 5557F2F6-A01A-464D-9E69-BF7F4F039ABC


    T6 HBA mirror
  4. Littleblackflash

    Auto Wipers - Retrofit?

    I've had my T6 almost 2 months now and I've just noticed I don't have auto rain sensing wipers. My van (soon to be camper) is a 65plate Highline and came with Auto headlights, but from what I can work out, not the auto wiper. How difficult is it to add the rain sensor? My van has a sensor on...
  5. Allan A

    Who knew..............!

    Well whilst filling up at local fuel station a T5 pulled up at next pump. Owner walks over to me says.hello and puts my fuel cap on the holder...................mind blown! My only excuse it’s the first VW I’ve owned!