rain sensor

  1. J

    T5.1 Rain sensitive wipers not working

    HI, I've just bought a 2015 T5.1 and after lurking on here for a while this is my first post! The rain sensitive wipers aren't working (I can do single wipes or wipers on full, but no intermittent or rain sensitive wiping). I've done the usual google searches and tried a BCM Hard...
  2. JordanGT

    Rain Sensor

    I want to install a sun strip across the top of the windscreen, however I have the rain sensor fitted. Does anyone have a template I can use to cut out the section?
  3. R

    Auto Wiper And Auto Headlights

    Hi all, I fitted a new rear view mirror in my T6 67 Highline - one with built in dash cam/ reverse cam etc. That's fine and working great, but... I was under the impression that auto headlights had a sensor built into the oem mirror and that auto wipers sensor was on the mirror mounting...
  4. 5557F2F6-A01A-464D-9E69-BF7F4F039ABC


    T6 HBA mirror
  5. Littleblackflash

    Auto Wipers - Retrofit?

    I've had my T6 almost 2 months now and I've just noticed I don't have auto rain sensing wipers. My van (soon to be camper) is a 65plate Highline and came with Auto headlights, but from what I can work out, not the auto wiper. How difficult is it to add the rain sensor? My van has a sensor on...
  6. Allan A

    Who knew..............!

    Well whilst filling up at local fuel station a T5 pulled up at next pump. Owner walks over to me says.hello and puts my fuel cap on the holder...................mind blown! My only excuse it’s the first VW I’ve owned!