1. Mikeylar

    Tyre Pressures For Aftermarket 20" Tyres

    Can anyone tell me what pressures I should be running 275/40/r20 V106 tyres at on a fully loaded T6 T30 Camper conversion? I've seen some very varied info on the net
  2. kn0bby

    B14's - Height Vs Ride

    So I am "Slammed" as low as it will go on the B14's at the moment.. The ride is firm! Daily for me its fine but when the family are in it, it does throw them about a bit and we are yet to do anything longer than an hour. Later in March we are doing a Cornwall/Devon trip (3-4 hour trip)...
  3. Hactus

    Tyre Pressure Drops

    I need some advice on a little problem where the pressure in one tyre (front left) drops over a couple of weeks. I first became aware when the TPMS alerted on the dash, checking the pressure with a gauge it was 10psi lower than it should have been, so I topped it up and reset the TPMS. Almost...