posadas wheels

  1. R

    17” Posadas wheels (49 offset) common tyre size?

    I’ve tried searching but can’t find definitive answers… I’ve Picked up a new set of amarok posadas which are 49mm offset. My question is, after the standard 235/55/17, what is the next size larger from these that most people run? I don’t want to go as big as 245/65/17 for scrubbing and...
  2. Loz

    Wheel Identification Thread

    Please post your wheel pictures including the name and size so we can compile a reference. If possible also include the weight range etc. Please try and post a side on shot like the first 2 examples. This topic will be tidied up weekly
  3. RedDragonAus

    Amarok Wheels on a T6

    Anyone else with Amarok wheels? I put a set of Amarok 18" wheels on my multivan with 255/45/18 Bridgestone RE003 which are 103 load rated. IMG_6539 by RedDragonAus posted 22 Dec 2017 at 09:33