1. True Romance

    How to convince the wife to take a dump in a porta potti?

    Not really due to the current reopening of campsites and the lack of facilities but more about increasing our site options. So we have a small cheap porta potti that is used maining during the night for a wee. Have just ordered a Thetford 565 as this seems more toilet like to try and get the...
  2. CJ_T6-red

    Portaloo — Solved

    One of my priority solutions was to have the loo to be able to slide under the seat. Was not wanting to go outside and pick up the loo from the back of the van. And was getting fed up will lifting two tons of wee wee over the seat when folded out. I stopped off on my travels to EvoDesigns and...
  3. Andrew Wilkinson

    Thetford Porta Potti......help?

    Hi guys, We prefer where we can to wild camp rather than staying on sites with hook ups. As a result we decided that it was worth having a portable toilet in the van for VERY limited use! Anyway, we bought a thetford 345 thinking that it was the smallest one which, when split into its two...