Fuel Zephyr on a black van

    Can someone please photoshop me a set of fuel zephyr onto my van !! I’m losing my mind.
  2. F

    Web design

    Hi new to the T6 world well almost still waiting for my van to be made! In the mean time does anyone know of a web site I can go on to mock up a design for the exterior and generally mess about with the exterior styling to help me decide what I want to do to it. Thanks
  3. JimVee

    Any Photoshop gurus out there who can help

    hi all, Thinking of swapping my wheels out gro 18” steel wheels but wondered if there are any photoshop gurus who can put the steel wheel in white with baby moon hubcaps onto my bus just so I can see what it looks like? Thanks in anticipation Jim Will be keeping the original wheels...sorry