pearl black

  1. Mugwump

    Team Deep Pearl Black

    LWB HIGHLINE 102bhp transporter being converted by me and a few selected others ! Twin sliding doors I'm keeping a blog link on signature! More an aid memoir for me ha ha
  2. A

    HiLo Pop Top Gel-Black Roof on Pearl Black T6? Plus general HiLo poptop thoughts

    Hello all, Second post - almost 3 years since I posted a question when considering buying my T6! Well, I bought it, and it's been completely un-loved while I renovated our first house (complete gutting, back to brick level!). The house is done now, and I'm gearing up to convert my van. Have...
  3. Captain Backfire

    Sold 2018 Petrol T6 Kombi £37.5k

    Styled by Van Haven in Dorset. TSI 204 DSG Highline, T32, SWB, Pearl Black, Captain Seats, Heated Seats, Comfort Dash, Discovery Sat-Nav, DAB Radio, Factory LED Headlights, Sunroof, Heated Screen, Tow-Bar, Reversing Camera, Auto Latch Twin Side Doors and Tailgate, Spare Wheel Tamperproof...
  4. Captain Backfire

    Fondmetal Stc-10

    My Pearl Black van should be arriving in England at the end of this month. Then it is straight to the modders for all the important work to be done... Like EVERYONE I have been looking at wheels until my eyes hurt. But this I think are the wheels for me. 20" Gunmetal, Slightly concave, Just...
  5. Geoff Dunk

    New to the family and the only way we wanted to go!

    Hi all, we are new to the T6 family and starting a new business and had to go VW, these arrived this week and are being prepared for service, full 2 stage polish and ceramic coating before they go out on the road. This week they are having fitted: 220v inverter 3 pin and USB sockets Dash-cams...