1. Tourershine

    Volkswagen Finance

    I mentioned this in another thread, but thought it deserved it's own dedicated thread owing to the current situation. Like potentially most of us in here, I have my T6 on a hire purchase scheme to give me the option to keep my van at the end. I'm sure people have a variety of different purchase...
  2. W

    Pcp/finance Etc...

    Sorry if this is in the wrong place!! We are still toying with replacing our estate with a T6 as my youngest son is disabled and getting him in and out of the car is becoming difficult....we think sliding doors will make it easier plus we will have loads of storage for his "stuff".... I've...
  3. G

    Pcp Question

    Hi, A question on PCP and who owns the vehicle. Can you modify a vehicle if it is under PCP ?
  4. Sharpe

    PCP deposit contributions

    So I’d planned on ordering a T6 TSI July/August time but held off due to insecurity with my job. Have since been made redundant, but thinking of using some of my redundancy payment as a deposit. I see that VWCV are currently offering £1500 deposit contribution, last quarter it was £500. Does...