1. R

    Passenger car tyres

    Bit confused, I have a T6.1 campervan and want All Season tyres. I understand the load rating for my van is 103 and must be XL. I've seen the new Bridgestone All Weather Evo tyres and my size 255/45/R18s are rated 103Y XL - however they state they are Passenger car tyres. As these are rated 103...
  2. drew_greenday

    Passenger airbag swap

    My pal has just bought a t6 with a single captain seat and wants to swap it with a double. I had a double and swapped it for a single. I know you need to change the passenger airbags over if you’re going from single to double so I thought I could just swap mine with his? has anyone got any idea...
  3. DexterT6

    Wanted - T6 Front Passenger Captain's Seat

    Hi, looking to buy a T6 Front Passenger Captain's seat, ideally in Simora trim with height and lumbar control with base (not essential). Ebay prices are astronomical at the moment! Can anyone make any recommendations on where to find one?
  4. Ads_Essex

    Sold Captains’ Seat Plastic Panels - Passenger

    Set of grey seat plastics to suit a VW T5 Transporter / Shuttle / Caravelle / California Captains seat for sale. As far as I can see, these should suit a T6 without issue. Used, but in working condition - one tab on the left-side of the seat has been repaired whilst the other is worn, and...
  5. Paynewright

    Passenger Seat - Trim And Wiring Plugs

    Swapping the front passenger seat over from twin to single I didn’t take any pics of the wiring plugs before I pulled them out of their holder as I thought they’d just sit on the floor under the new single seat. Then I spotted the wiring plug cage on the new seat - doh!! I’ve got them all in OK...
  6. Depron Donkey

    Wanted Single Passenger Seat, WHY?

    Single passenger seat, what have you got? Ideally need Samora trim with armreasts but may consider anything.
  7. Depron Donkey

    Wanted Double Passenger Seat Swap For Single

    Swap wanted, my folding double passenger seat and second seat belt, almost new t6 in Samora for a single passenger seat in same trim. Willing to travel within reason and remove and refit if requred. Failing that I will pay for next day delivery and collection.
  8. R

    Wiring Under Passenger Bench Seat

    Hi I would like to permanently remove the passenger bench seat and not put anything in to replace it so as the only seat in the front is the drivers. The only thing that is giving me pause is the wiring connections in the seat center frame, will removing the seat trigger error faults or as long...
  9. DC.

    Gen 6 Rear Passenger swivel seats conversion

    Hey I've got a Generation Six with the two all singing all dancing passenger swivel seats behind the driver & passenger seat. Sadly, we have decided to sell them. Main reason being is we would prob use them once or twice a year IF at all and I am very concerned that they will deteriorate in our...