1. Bardot

    Gear Sense Failure ???

    HELP. So first day with my T6 (2016 T32 42k 140 manual). Drove van for 60 miles yesterday no problem. Today drove for 200 yrds and beep park pilot comes on, gear indicator top right of display goes out, start stop fails !.... I'm completely new to VW but it seems to me that whatever...
  2. Anthony lamprell

    Reverse Camera Coding?

    hi, I’ve just put this in the ice section but think it’s better here. Anyway, I’ve installed a vw reversing camera to my t6 today. All straight forward until I’ve tried to code it with the vcds. I’ve gone into the steering module (sorry can’t remember the number now as I’ve come in and given...
  3. M

    Parkpilot Sounds Working, But No Display

    Team, I have a Highline Multivan, built in Feb 2017. When the ParkPilot activates with an object near the car, the sound of the alarms activates, but the display does not change, and there is no indication of which sensor is activating. It is very annoying. Uploaded is my display when the...