parking sensors

  1. A2dczealous

    How to retrofit a reversing camper Video

    Hi all, I have started a YouTube channel of How To Tutorial. This is a reversing camera install on a VW T6 2016 Transporter with an aftermarket head unit. It’s the tailgate model however the wiring is the same in any vehicle. hope it’s of some use.
  2. Andyf

    Reverse Sensors

    Hi Has anybody used after market sensors for reversing Similar to these or could recommend some Park Safe 4pc Flat Mount Parking Sensor Kit With LED Display (Rear) - Matt Black | Euro Car Parts Regards Andy
  3. cgtmiles

    Front Pdc Sensor Part Number

    Can someone please help, I’m looking for the part number of the centre two front parking sensors (just the sensors not the holders). I have searched on here and on tinternet and not come up with anything conclusive. I have found two different sensor part number which I think are for the inner...
  4. Littleblackflash

    Front Pdc Upgrade - Part Number For The Holders

    Hi All I've brought front bumper loom and PDC sensors to retro fit front park assist onto my van. I have a tool to cut/punch holes into my existing bumper but I need the glue on bumper brackets. Does anyone know the part number for them? Whist at it, does anyone know the part number for the...
  5. GONA66

    Full Gloss Black Upper And Lower Grille's Inc Parking Sensor Fitting.

    Fitted my new gloss black grille upper and lower ,and even though the original had the parking sensors it was quite straight forward to adapt the new gloss product with the parking sensors. I also managed to fit the upper gloss grille without fully removing it from the vehicle ,which again was...
  6. Mike Gash

    Pdc Codes

    Hi All Does anyone know the codes for the PDC’s on a T6. I’ve bought an after market third break light reversing camera, apparently it needs to be coded to the pdc’s. My local Vw garage will do it but has never done it so I’m thinking this could work out very expensive ? Any advice gratefully...
  7. Farnorthsurfer

    Park Pilot Operation Query

    I have Park Pilot installed as an option on my 2016 T6 4Motion but the front sensors don't operate unless I press the dashboard button. That is to say I get no warning at all unless I activate the Park Pilot. It works fine reversing when I get the rear camera view and the beeping noise as...
  8. Bear

    Rear Parking Sensors

    hi all My parking sensors seemed to have stopped working, since I removed both front seats, and I replaced the rear bumper. I did notice a wire under the front seats that I didn't remember where it went, but not sure what seat it went under as it seams long enough to go under both. Any help...
  9. Depron Donkey

    Front Pdc

    Anyone know the best place to get some retrofit looms to fit the front PDC? I have everything except the cable from the 8K to the dash switch and the cable from 8K to sensor loom.
  10. Depron Donkey

    Retrofit Front Pdc

    I am buying the front sensors, 8K unit, button and some wiring from #Romany Tampin. Removed from a 2018, fitting to a 2018. My van currently has rear PDC and rear camera. Can anyone give me the changes I need to make in VCDS to make it all work. Hopefully someone will have the instructions from...
  11. Loz

    T6 Parking sensors circuit diagrams 2018-11-01

    Parking sensors circuit diagrams PDC
  12. Discobadger

    T6 Caravelle F&r Parking Sensors & Rear Camera - What Extra Parts?

    Hi All, I am in the midst of upgrading my T6 Caravelle. As part of the work and have purchased a complete front bumper with fogs and OE parking sensors and a rear bumper with PDC holes but no sensors. I am looking to retrofit the current front setup and add sensors to the rear bumper to give me...
  13. Gavandi

    Parking Sensors And Bike Rack

    Have searched threads and various info touching on my query. If you put a towbar bike rack ie Thule tilting..... do the parking sensors keep beeping or do they ignore the rack and bikes? Sorry, in advance, if a bit simple question .
  14. M

    Faulty Rear Parking Sensors

    Not happy. My 2017 T6 Van came back from the Converters with the rear camera and parking sensors not working. When I engage reverse I just get a 5 second (or so) tone and no parking display or camera image. VCDS pinpointed the nearside rear parking sensor as the problem area so I removed both...
  15. Russ74

    Rear parking sensor help

    Hi guys. Help Can anyone inform me on how to get the rear parking sensors to work? They were working, checked for damage wiped them down in case they were too dirty. I've looked online for clues but no luck Any help would be appreciated
  16. lough90

    Rear parking sensors

    My T6 has factory fitted rear parking sensors but no button on the dash to turn them off. Is this normal? Was this part of the original head units function as I have fitted a Pioneer head unit and if so is their anyway I can retrofit this switch. thanks