1. slidepods

    New Lining Panel Design

    Anybody that follows us will already be aware that we never stop innovating and trying to push the boundries of what is possible when it comes to our lining packages on the T6 platform. Recently we decided to try to produce some new unique lining panels to offer our customers more scope to add...
  2. Vince

    Interior Door Cards Panels 3.6mm - Give Away

    VW T5/T6 Camper Van Door Cards / Interior Panels 3.6mm Ply Trim Kit Does anyone want these thin panels.. also the seat belts.. tried to sell on ebay and didn't get much interest.. VW T5/T6 Camper Van Door Cards / Interior Panels 3.6mm Ply Trim Kit | eBay Thanks, Vince
  3. Base1388

    For Sale Lwb Oem Panels

    Hello people's Got these internal panels from LWB The small panels on the C pillars I've NOT got Any good to anyone ?????? Make me an offer please Collection Please Or if ya a member i could meet you within half hr drive of Clifton Nottingham Cheers

    Carpeting Rear Kombi Panels..

    I’m sure it’s been covered but can’t find it anywhere, looking at Leighton vans, they look to carpet the rear panels then reattach them, saving them from ply lining? Is this correct, or has anyone done this? Or do you guys recommend getting it ply lined so that In the future it’s easier to add...
  5. Super Dog

    Interior lining and panelling system

    Hi, does anyone know where I can purchase covered and finished panels that I can fit in my T6 SwB. I would like to purchase a system and fit it myself after soundproofing, insulating and electrics etc. Struggling to find anything tbh, I'm in Leicestershire. Any help greatly appreciated. Cheers.