1. slidepods

    New Lining Panel Design

    Anybody that follows us will already be aware that we never stop innovating and trying to push the boundries of what is possible when it comes to our lining packages on the T6 platform. Recently we decided to try to produce some new unique lining panels to offer our customers more scope to add...
  2. czmate1999

    Kombi Or Panel Van For Conversion?

    Hi All, Have been to a few more dealers and now confused as to whether to get a panel or Kombi van... ultimately only £2k-ish difference but is there any advantage to the kombi? I am looking at having a full conversion to include usual elements and a high-level of thermal / sound insulation...
  3. Andrew Wilkinson

    Cbe Pc180 Van Battery Reading?

    I have a CBE PC180 fitted to me van and until now it has been working well. During the last two trips I've noticed that as the day goes on the panel starts to show a flashing light beside the van battery readout. If we press the button to show the battery level it seems to have fallen into the...