1. Roberts83

    Valet prices...

    Hi, I have been quoted £140 in all for a deep valet for the van, just seeing what people think about the price and wondering what people would pay, prices will probably differ, but I'm based in kettering. Thanks Chris
  2. S

    Hi from Northants

    just picked up my T6 from Denby Campervans, looking forward to many adventures ahead
  3. Stay Frosty

    Northampton, shy toll...

    Apparently we've got a new West Northants council and one of their first acts was to declare the part time inner inward lane of what is a two lanes in one lane out urban road (Weedon Rd, Duston) now a 24/7 bus only lane... this road gets possibly ten buses an hour all of which manage their...
  4. Steve H

    Independent Specialist - Northants

    With the T5 I had a cracking guy who looked after it with honesty and care, but he's moved on now & the business has packed in. Does anyone have any recommendations on an independent specialist in or around Northampton, please..? I should add, the T6 has replaced the old bus now..
  5. Morrispd

    VCDS in Oxfordshire/Northamptonshire areas?

    Hi, has anyone vcds in / near Northampton that can code in my freshly fitted tow Bar? Much appreciated...
  6. Sabre

    Venture Campers

    Have to post a positive comment for Venture Campers on the A5 near Long Buckby. The boss, Mark, took my case on as they didn't have the colour I was looking for. He took all the responsibility for finding a top quality van from the VW reseller network, we set my budget and he went out looking...
  7. dmk

    Window Tinting

    I have a 2017 caravelle with the standard tinted windows, but would like to go slighlty darker. Has anyone advice on what level of tint I need to go on top of the standard and any other "gotchas" please? Also, can anyone recommend a tinting company ideally near milton keynes or within 50 miles...
  8. kieran

    Northamptonshire - Reliable Service Centre

    Morning Looking for a good main dealers for my T6 servicing near Northampton. I have used Northampton VW for a few years but all the staff have changed.... To school kids i think! Took my 2000 T4 TDI in for a cam belt change last week, 2 days later they call me and tell me they dont know how to...