1. L


    Here in Oz there's great variety of roads surfaces, some are smooth and generate very little tyre roar or hum others are so coarse that the cabin noise can be a bit excessive above 80kph. Does anyone have a recommendation for the quietest tyres? And can you change the commercial tyres that came...
  2. Lukavell

    Caravelle Barn Doors

    One of the things I like about my Kombi is the increased practicality of the Barn Doors. I also, believe it or not prefer the look of it. I'm fully aware that it will impact the resale value. However, before I spec it I would like to know if it has any detrimental effect on the interior noise...
  3. Seán Kerr

    Inverter Noise

    Do other Cali owners get a noise from their factory fit inverter when they plug something into it? I’ve had my Cali for a short time and just prepping for my first trips. I will be wild camping nearly all of the time and will need the power inverter mainly for charging my laptop (MacBook...