1. M

    Multivan - order chairs from VW

    I am trying to buy a used T6 Multivan, but most of them have missing chairs. Either the bench is missing and they only have the two captain chairs, or one or both captain chairs are missing and they only have the bench. My question is, if I can't find one with all 7 seats and end up buying one...
  2. Vanzilla

    Wooden floor Caravelle/Multivan

    Anyone tried replicating the wood look floor from the various special editions in their Caravelle/ Multivan? I love the look and the cleanabilty is attractive vs carpet. I’m thinking the best option is to buy a floor from breakers yard, remove carpet layer and replace with altro or vinyl tiles...
  3. R

    Which model is the Multivan?

    Saw a picture online of a T6 with Multivan on the back. Is this a European thing?
  4. N

    Captains Chairs for rear of Caravelle?

    Hi All Buying a new (Black) Edition 30 Multivan in Australia and want to remove the back triple seat and replace with another 2 captains chairs. VW dealer says its near impossible to order them through parts. Whats the best way to buy them or am I 'chasing ambulances' to wait for someone to...
  5. amb217

    2nd Battery Location - Multivan

    Hi all, I am awaiting a 2018 Multivan SWB for the growing family. Unfortunately the dealer didnt tell me about the OEM VW factory fitted second battery option. Now I have been doing some research and come across this forum. They are offering to put one behind the rear wheel arch in the boot...
  6. G

    T6 Multivan 2017 Owners Manual

    Hello all, I was lucky enough to get my 2017 T6 Multivan from the factory in Hanover.. including factory tour. Very cool. HOWEVER when I noticed the German user manual, and asked for an English one instead, blank looks all round! I found a link on this forum to a pdf version...
  7. TassieT6

    New member in Tasmania

    Hello all, My name is Randall from Hobart in Tasmania Australia. I received my T6 two weeks ago after a long wait. It is a highline spec 4motion Multivan which I plan to fitout my van for travel to some of the more remote places in Australia with my family.