1. Dannyb6467

    Moo Valve ?? What Does It Do And Is Mine Normal

    I noticed a while ago when I'm at standstill and ticking over in "P" there in a moo noise about every 8 seconds. What is this noise and is it normal? Cheers
  2. Jonny

    Loud “wehrrrr”

    So today I’ve been pulling some heavy loads and while I’ve been slowly manoeuvring the trailer in either 1st or reverse gear, I’m hearing what sounds like a loud turbo “wehrr” When I turn the engine off it really makes a noise like I’ve got a turbo the size of a bucket. Do I have a pipe leak...

    Anyone else got this funny noise?

    I think its done it from new, but its a noise which only seems to happen on long journeys, after around 20 miles or so. It starts, most noticeably in top gear as it gets to about 1800 rpm (its gone after 2000), a sort of buzzing noise, almost like a bracket or plate is vibrating. I'm convinced...