1. Murdoch

    Cost to replace heated door mirror

    My fault! Just been quoted £636 to replace my mirror by VW Seems a lot Is this typical Thanks
  2. S

    Blind Spot Mirrors

    Does anyone recommend a blind spot mirror? I've always found them useful when driving abroad, but the one I have I've realised is cr@p and I would like to fit one of those clip on ones. Reading around the web, they appear a bit hit and miss with fit, and some damage the wing mirror. So..... has...
  3. Skyliner33

    Strange Behaviour Of Heated Mirrors

    When I picked up the van the heated mirrors were not working. I have had them replaced and are now working, but only when the heated rear screen is switched on. If the heated rear screen is on then the heated mirrors come on even if the mirror switch is not in the heated position. The mirrors...
  4. P

    Wing Mirror Covers/ Plastics - T6

    Hi All First time posting so be gentle..... I own a T6 Transporter, 1968CC. The manufacture year is 2017, some nice person decided to smash my N/S wing mirror and im trying to buy the parts rather than pay the well over priced parts from the dealership.. I have managed to find someone that...