1. andys

    Blind Spot Cameras

    What a clever idea. Saw a concept of this sort of thing from Jaguar a year or so back but this has been cheaply and simply put into place by a student. Who's going to be first to try and do this one? :D
  2. The Ham

    Folding Mirrors And Sunroof

    I've got a "65 plate and changed code to fold mirrors with remote and it worked great, but now my sunroof no longer shuts with the remote, how comes? easy fix?
  3. Buzznitro

    Wing Mirror Help

    Hi, can anyone tell me what this is please. Ariel?
  4. andys

    Fitting Fold-on-lock Mirror Relay

    If you have any T6 other than a MY17 then you can code in autofold mirrors (providing you already have power folding mirrors) with VCDS, but if you have a MY17 with the incompatible door modules, the only way is by adding hardware. There was a kit from Travellinlite which seemed a bit...
  5. F

    Blind Spot Mirrors

    I had to hire a large van at the weekend. A MB sprinter. It had very handy little blind spot mirror looking down the sill of the van from the door to the rear of the van, so it helped when cutting tight kerbs or pulling out on the motorways. I am sure I have seen stick on versions to go on...
  6. Skyliner33

    Strange Behaviour Of Heated Mirrors

    When I picked up the van the heated mirrors were not working. I have had them replaced and are now working, but only when the heated rear screen is switched on. If the heated rear screen is on then the heated mirrors come on even if the mirror switch is not in the heated position. The mirrors...
  7. P

    Wing Mirror Covers/ Plastics - T6

    Hi All First time posting so be gentle..... I own a T6 Transporter, 1968CC. The manufacture year is 2017, some nice person decided to smash my N/S wing mirror and im trying to buy the parts rather than pay the well over priced parts from the dealership.. I have managed to find someone that...