milton keynes

  1. LukeAziz86

    Chassis & Arch cutting - South Midlands / Milton Keynes area

    I’m looking for any suspension specialists in the general South Midlands area to help get my T6 as low as possible. I’m installing Airlift air suspension next week but already know this won’t get me much lower than my SoLows out the box and further work is needed to get it low and drive it...
  2. OllieGBR

    Newbie VCDS user - MK

    Hello guys I've followed the forum advice and run a scan on my T6, apart from the airbag error, (which is of my own making) I have 5 engine warnings. Are the fuel related ones because the engine isn't running? The MAF sensor is listed an 'intermittent' and the barometric sensor as 'malfunction'...
  3. czmate1999

    Milton Keynes

    Hi All, I am travelling up to Milton Keynes tomorrow to pick up my camper and wondered if there were any good retailers selling camping or T6 related stuff to drop into? if anyone can let me know that would be great! Also I may stay in the area overnight to give the van a bit of a shakedown so...
  4. Sabre

    Indetech, Milton Keynes

    Have to big up these guys as VW specialists. They've looked after my MK4 golf for 10+ years and now look after the van too. They're on the VW network, know everything there is to know about all VW vehicles. They don't do MOT but can prep the car/van. If you need someone to service your van I...