mfd error

  1. 8

    Dash Display not working

    Hi, The dash display between the Speedo and Rev counter on my 2019 T6 has suddenly gone blank. Can anyone advise any simple troubleshooting for this? It is still under warranty but if it's a quick fix it would be nice to sort it myself and save day of my life! Cheers
  2. T6 Owl

    Mfd Self Reset?

    This afternoon I noticed that the overall avg. mpg and driving time figures had reset. I haven’t pressed any of the buttons on the display so not sure why this has happened. However, none of the milage counters have reset. Do the counters automatically reset at a certain figure?
  3. Glenn Board

    Fuel Gauge Not Registering

    run the van to empty, filled up with fuel and not registering, still showing gauge empty and 0 range, any ideas. Please as I know I put the fuel in?