1. j4ckal

    Living area mat/carpet, suitable for cali bed/rails.

    Just wondered if anyones got any recommendations for a mat for the living area that would be suitable to go over california twin rails. Something practical that can be cleaned easily. I'm not after a custom one with cut outs, just a rectangular shape potentially 800-900x1000 so that it won't get...
  2. Nigel L

    Double Seat Bolt holes!

    After collecting our new Camper, we decided to have the front double seat changed for a Captains swivel seat. Took the vehicle back to the converters today, and all is now done, and we have our now preferred two seat at front set up Now back home, there are two bolt holes now showing where the...
  3. alangiff3

    Trim between cab floor and camper floor

    Hi all Any ideas on what I can use to trim the join between the rubber cab mat and the ply floor with vinyl in the camper part of the van? Thanks
  4. Ed Webb

    FREE Vanstyle luxury front walk through cab mat Same as the above link, for 2 single front seats. Used condition, slight mark on drivers side from about 6 months of use. Passenger side looks brand new. Free to anyone that collects it at forumfest this weekend.
  5. sportsman

    Boot Liner/Cover

    Good afternoon can I ask what folk are using to protect there boots if there using there vans for work etc, I need some kind of cover like in the link but a tad cheaper if poss lol
  6. N58amx

    Wanted LWB rear load mat

    After a bit of help.. just had a full jerry of diesal go over and its destroyed my rear load mat .. See pics... anyone got one for sale please (lwb single side loader) Cheers nick
  7. 3crispies

    Wanted Kombi SWB Rear Mat

    2+1 single slider load mat wanted, at moment will have to be posted or something will have to be worked out.
  8. Skyliner33

    Looking For Aluminium Trim For Front Edge Of Floor

    Basically like the strip in this pic. Any ideas especially with links appreciated.
  9. CJ_T6-red

    For Sale SWB Kombi Rear Mat

    Have a T32 Kombi rear mat with cutouts for 2+1 seats and tie downs (tie downs included, seats are not). Has been taken out since new and stored indoors. £100 , no offers. Location Basingstoke. Collection only. 51EECED4-A8A6-4AA2-962A-A3A5EAA23F6B by CJ_T6-red posted 15 Mar 2020 at 12:33
  10. davek

    Rear Fitted Carpet Supplier?

    Hi everyone, does anyone know where I can get a thick or sound deadening carpet made to measure for the rear floor space in my T6. Rugs for Bugs said they could do it but haven,t been able to get a response since I sent them a diagram with the measurements etc..

    Sold SWB Kombi Rear Loading Mat

    Open to sensible offers, £100
  12. D

    Genuine Rubber Cargo Mat Swb

    Im looking for a Genuine (insulated) Rubber Cargo Mat SWB with no cut outs for seats or bulkhead Does anybody know if these are available to order from Volkswagen or TPS and has a part number handy? i'm hearing mixed responses on availability and rang two dealers one said it wasn't on the...
  13. Murdoch

    Rear Mat For Twin Door Kombi

    I wasn’t sure where to post this question and looking on line hasn’t found me any suggestions ... I have a T6 Kombi, twin door with 2 + 1 rear seats . Most of the time I keep the twin seat in my garage and use the space for work it ... I’m looking for a single mat that would allow me to cover...
  14. Lukavell

    Caravelle / Shuttle Floor Mats

    Happy Monday Folks! I'm in the market for some tailored mats for the 'Velle but struggling to find a set that does what I want it to in the back. I'd really like to cover the rails up to stop all the muck getting inside them, I can't seem to find a set that will do this for me and wondering if...
  15. rod_vw

    Sold NEW Three seat bench in Simora fabric & LWB rubber floor mat

    I have a three seat bench in Simora fabric, all seat fittings along with a LWB rubber floor mat and load lashing points all brand new currently still in vehicle will be available for sale soon. I'm looking for around £900 for the lot. May separate seat / mat at the right price. Anyone...