1. JTT6

    For Sale Sliding storage any offers

    I built this about a year ago but my requirements have changed so no longer suitable. The van has a caravelle conversion and it mounts to the rails. Could be mounted for ward or flush with tailgate. Any interest considered. Located near Portsmouth, will need collecting.
  2. Jamie2.0

    Caravelle Luggage Cover - fits Shuttle?

    Does any one know if the roller blind luggage cover for the Caravelle fits the Shuttle?
  3. PenfoldE6

    Dog / Luggage guard for Caravelle

    Hi. I am new to the forum and loving all the advice. I have a new t6 SWB edition 6 velle and for my holiday trips i plan to remove the two middle seats and push the bench seat forward. I am after then installing some sort of luggage gaurd and load up all the luggage so nothing comes into the...