1. P

    Underslung LPG Tank - Ferries

    Hi - I've just bought a new VW Camper with an underslung LPG tank. The dealer said that I should never need to turn off the LPG tank, at the tank itself, since the 'Gastore' button in the van isolates the gas tank. Just wondering if anyone has had issues when boarding a ferry, that turning off...
  2. M

    LPG, Water and Heater Underslung

    Hi, just planning conversation (first post here), looking to fit small LPG, water tank and propex heater all underslung in T6 LWB. Heater to go in usual place. Question I have is are the any examples out there of doing this? Trying to find the correct tanks etc. Everyone seems to have done LPG...
  3. Bynxy

    Water or Gas

    I now have a space were the spare wheel used to be so my question is would you put an underslung fresh water tank or an underslung LPG tank ? And why?
  4. A

    4Motion - Underslung LPG thoughts?

    Hello, So I'm currently in the process of converting our T32 SWB 4Motion into a Swamper camper and all currently is going good and to plan.... so far. Touch wood. i know there isn't a space to mount the LPG tank under the vehicle as standard due to the Diff being in the desired mounting...
  5. Oldrat

    How do you locate auto gas suppliers when touring?

    Currently touring Scotland (Stranraer) and finding that the internet doesn’t always tell the truth when searching for autogas. It keeps throwing bog standard petrol stations into the results. To complicate matters, there’s plenty of bottled gas suppliers too but these are not often...
  6. RayF

    Shell axing LPG

    Just seen this news item. I ordered an under chassis gas tank for my camper but hearing this news it’s making me think twice, because once one does something other garages may follow and I could be stuck with a gas tank I can’t fill. Anyone else considering under chassis gas tank might find this...
  7. P

    Connecting lpg cylinder to fill point in france

    The more I ask...the more confused I get.... I have a 15 litre undercarriage lpg tank. If I stay at an aire in France over winter, I won't have enough gas to heat the van. I want to avoid having to go down to the valley mid week to top up the tank so... I have a French adapter to connect the...
  8. O

    How much lpg do you use?

    Hi ya, I’ve decided to go for a gaslow refillable bottle in the van but haven’t a clue as to how big a bottle to get. We are only going to be running a Dometic 9222 hob on it. So for say a 2 week holiday doing most of our cooking and water boiling on it do you think a full 2.7kg...
  9. B

    Gas connection question

    I've just built up my Evo Design kitchen pod and because it backs onto the back of the driver's seat (not the side of the van) the angled steel gas pipe runs back into the side of the unit. There isn't room for a compression fitting. I can see a few options: 1. Try to bend the steel pipe to...
  10. Coly

    Underslung tank positions

    Just bought a T32 year 2016 and trying to decide where to fit various tanks (waste water, fresh water and LPG fitted tank). The freshwater tank could go around the wheel arch. I am fitting a shower so the waste needs to be underslung. I could fit the waste by the exhaust but it does not seem...
  11. S

    Underslung LPG tanks

    Morning, I have one getting delivered tomorrow from Autogas and the install looks fairly straightforward, but I have a couple of questions. 1) Is it somehow possible to mount the filler nozzle in the spare grommet by the fuel cap where the adblue would normally go (retro euro 5 here)? Its...