1. macaha

    2020 Caravelle child lock fault and windows not working

    With only 3500 k on the clock I am having a couple of issues. First was the drivers window not always wanting to go up ,it would reach a point then retract, dealer advised me to spray WD40 which didnt work. I have booked the van in for repair however its a 4 weeks wait list, today the passenger...
  2. Plastic Cow

    Key Locks for Tailgate

    New to this forum and T5/6’s in general. I noticed a T6 (see pic) with a key lock barrel in the handle (with additional deadlocks). I thought T6’s only had remote locking or am I missing something? Is there an aftermarket in retrofitting locks in tailgates? Any help much appreciated.
  3. Gazzarn

    Key Lock Cover

    Alright all, Some thieving **** has robbed my key cover! Any of you good fellows know where I can get a cheaper replacement than the £15 my local VW dealer wanted to charge me?
  4. Salty Spuds

    For Sale Armaplate 3 Door Set

    Armaplate Sentinel 3 door set. Drivers door Passenger door (no key hole) NS side door All brand new never fitted. One has been opened just for a look see. They’ve been in the shed for a couple of years so are a tad dusty. Cost £150+ I’ll take £85 inc UK postage.
  5. g4jsg

    Drive off - door locking, how to enable it?

    I have a 2016 highline lwb 150 with the DAB & BT head unit, no nav :(, and I can't find any settings to control the door locking, driver unlock and auto lock as you drive away. So is there anything I am missing? What I would like is; . Set all doors to lock as you drive off. . Set only the...