1. Whiz

    Feedback On C&h Campers & C&h Pop Tops Based Huddersfield - Link Below

    Anyone used these guys to fit-out their VW or install a Pop Top? Wanted to find out if anyone has used them for any work and their feedback/comments etc. Any help/feedback PLEASE would me appreciated. FYI mine is a LWB Shuttle & they are quoting £2150 for a straight forward Pop Top installed...
  2. goldeneye243

    Any Converter Recommendations Near Cambridge Please

    Starting to look at either buying a converted van, or buying a panel van and getting it converted. Any recommendations please - Good or bad experiences greatly appreciated!

    Viva Skegvegas - Lincolnshire

    This is our first booked VW event EVER. me and the misses only live 15mins down the road from revesby estate, so WHOS COMING?! Get a group of us all together in one area camping?!? couldn't find a thread on this event when searching it, so sorry if im in the wrong place.
  4. T6 Forum

    Viva Skeg Vegas 17-19 Aug 2018 Revesby, Lincolnshire

    T6 Forum created a new event: Viva Skeg Vegas 18-20 Aug 2017 Revesby, Lincolnshire Read more about this event...