lights & vision

  1. O

    Full Beam Flash Fuse

    I’ve had a nightmare my beacon lights have stopped working after I installed my dash cam, so yesterday I stupidly decided to pull fuses and check if they have blown... stupid me forgot to remember where I took it out from now I can’t flash my full beams. Anyone know where the fuse goes in the...
  2. J

    Multivan T6 - Front Sidelight

    Hi T6's members, here is the front side on my Multivan T6, I am keen to replace the bulb of the faulty sidelight (only right side is working), as follows: My mechanic reckons I need to bring the van back to the Dealer, but I am not keen for that. Any easy way to access the bulb? Do I need...
  3. AndyAK66

    Led Headlights Adjustment For European Travel

    Is it possible to adjust LED headlights for European travel, I'm sure I've seen it somewhere in the manual but can't find it again