led lights

  1. IestynD

    My T5.1 Kombi - build thread.

    I thought it was time I updated this thread, I'll reference this thread in a number of other forum sections, for example the recommend a business one and maybe later the suspension one. So, if you have stumbled upon this from another a link... welcome, wherever I’ve put a link I’ve started that...
  2. Barley53

    A Few Exterior Light Changes

    Hi all, I've changed a few bulbs on my 19 T6 Transporter, hope this is of some use. Caveat is that the changes have only been in for a couple of weeks so can't comment on longevity but so far so good. * Full LED headlight plug and play from Travelin-Lite, indicators led but not sequential...
  3. Littleblackflash

    ‘Light Out’ warning on after tailgate conversion.

    I've converted my barn doors to a tailgate with LED lights. But I have a orange warning for bulb out on the instruments. VCDS scan showed no fault codes. If I go into 17-Instruments and go into measured values, what should I be looking for? The only concern I've found is "Status on input...
  4. Craigo

    Led Sequential Side Indicators

    Yesterday I found some led sequential side repeater indicators for the T6 somewhere on the internet, but now can't find where I found them. There was video footage of them in action and they looked awesome. I'm pretty sure they were in the U.K. and about £49 a pair.. Anyone able to help my...
  5. Littleblackflash

    Found Tailgate tail lamps

    I've a tailgate to fix to my van but the only missing part I need are the rear lights. I would like LED's but my funds will probably only stretch to standard OE lights.
  6. Captain Backfire

    For Sale Front Fog Light Bulbs

    Unused bulbs, well I never turned them on! I have upgraded to the LED ones. £10 - inclusive of postage Thanks, Ant
  7. Glenn Board

    How Can I Disable DRL Bulb Error?

    Hi, in VCDS does anybody know how to disable the bulb warning as fitted led and it now stays on, so would just like to disable if possible please?
  8. Loz

    T6 LED Headlight Circuit diagram 2018-02-22

    Fixed version of diagram
  9. Fish

    LED flicker

    Has anyone notice that the LED's flicker when screen washer pumps kick in?. Driving home tonight and like im flashing the lights..anoying.. Again is this common.