leak from roof bars

  1. BobbyDoughnut

    Dripping wet, inside not out.

    Whilst spending half hour in the drive through COVID test site bribing the children to stick pointy things up their nose; something I’ve spent years telling them not to do, I noticed the passenger footwell was soaking wet. Apparently it’s been like that for ages but nobody thought to mention it...
  2. Alan Croft

    Passenger Side Leak

    Hi all. found my van has developed a leak on the passenger side the floor at the front near the door is a bit wet. Also found an occasion when the little storage hole in the dash had water in it. Am wondering if my roof bars have suddenly developed a leak? They have been fine since fitting...
  3. cy294


    Afternoon all, Is it possible to get condensation under the kombi floor lining in the rear? I have a 2016 Kombi and it has the original flooring, and no lining underneath as per pictures below. When I pulled it back, it was wet but not everywhere. I've checked for leaks and can't find...
  4. Leigh

    Part number: roof rails?

    Was pleasantly surprised that the VW Genuine Roof Rails are only £80. Was not happy to pay £150 for the cross bars that fit onto them though. So my question is - Can you fit aftermarket Cross Bars Onto Genuine VW rails? If so does anyone know which make Thanks
  5. The Ham

    Water Ingress Front Passenger Side

    Got a small amount of water coming in by the front step, not a lot but don't want any, under the mat floor. If I put my fingers behind bottom of dash I can feel wetness. Is it the roof rail fixings?
  6. Steve H

    Insulation Query

    Currently halfway through some soundproofing on the left hand side of the van, but having a mind wrestle regarding the rear lower quarter area. There are several plastic wiring boxes attached in that area which could be controllers of some sort, and I'm loathe to stuff Dodo insulation down...
  7. J

    leaking roof bars

    Hi all. Any thoughts on the following - My T6 van is less than a year old. It was a demonstrator. I’ve fitted a Thule roof rack system for carrying items on the roof. In the Thule instructions it says to use silicone on the bolts that hold the feet onto the roof. I didn’t bother with silicone...
  8. Siperrin

    Roof Bars prep - load-rated?

    Hi everyone, I have the factory fitted roof rack prep on my T6 kombi edition. I want to get some good looking crossbars but quite a few I’ve looked at don’t seem to be load tested and are more for aesthetics? Can anyone recommend some bars that look the part and can actually carry...
  9. .50

    Roof Rail Leak Free Fixing.

    Got some ebay roof rails and did not want to gorm silicone into and around the fixing holes. Instead I got some M6 threaded bar cut a little longer than the bolts supplied with the rails. I then used the rubber washers that came off the blanking bolts together with a washer and M6 nyloc nut...
  10. X

    OEM roof rail fitting

    Hi guys. Just got my original VW roof rails. The fitting looks simple enough but in the box there are what looks like 6 black plastic spacers, not the rubber gaskets. these plastic spacer like bits don't seem to fit into the rails anywhere. Any idea what they might be for or there they go...
  11. T6Paul

    VW roof rails!

    Just fitted the Genuine VW roof rails, is it me or are they a bit of a sh!t fit? The plastic inserts just won't sit square under the feet and the rubbers are not sitting quite right either! No matter how much I try tweeking them! Has anyone else experienced the same?...
  12. T

    Leaky roof rail and what happened next...

    So... I had a leaky roof rail drivers side front was the offending fixing. Booked it in to my dealer along with my best upset and offended face. They have refitted it and as a result of the "water damage" I am having a new cab carpet and underlay and a new Kombi floor. Hopefully that'll be the...
  13. eauto

    Water In Bottom Of Tailgate

    Today on closing the tailgate I heard water sloshing around, on investigation I found two rubber bungs on the lower edge of the tailgate, when I removed these about a litre of water drained out. Has anyone else had this problem, and should I leave the bungs out so the water can drain?