kmc holeshot wheels

  1. C

    For Sale KMC Holeshots 17in swamper wheels

    Think about selling my 17in KMC Holeshots. Started the Swamper low look with arch trims etc but have taken trim off and I think I'll go back to alloys / larger wheels again. These are currently fitted with 235/60/17 winter wheels, reasonable tread left and 104 rated so good for T32's. Wheels...
  2. R

    KMC Holeshot - 17” Tyres needed

    Hello guys. My name is Ben and I'm new to the forum. I'm hoping someone here can help me track down a set of tyres. The story is, I was at Busfest in 2019 and purchased a set of 17" KMC Holeshot's with 245/65/17 BF Goodrich KO2 tyres to fit on my T30 LWB. These have been great and served me...
  3. Barley53

    What alloys are these? [KMC Holeshots]

    Hi all, I spotted these on a van at Busfest, I didn't get a chance to speak to the owner. Anyone know who makes them? Thanks
  4. BasfordBob

    Wanted KMC Holeshot wheels

    Anyone got a set of these they no longer want, without tyres preferably. They seem to be a little scarce. Cheers
  5. R

    Bf Goodrich with KMC holeshot wheels

    As above best place/price to get these please.

    KMC Holeshot and BFG wheels - VWT5 Upgrades

    Some Pictures for You guys of the Swamper Style wheels we Supply
  7. Briston

    My new tow truck

    My new tow truck, it's a 150 highline 4 motion,got my new wheels & tyres done & have a pretty big shopping list of goodies I want to do to make the ultimate boat towing fishing mobile