internal lining

  1. dennismo

    Another 'kombi To Day Van' Thread...

    Exciting times... I'm finally pushing on with the process of getting my Kombi ready for using as a 'day van' in the summer... It's already insulated and lined (by Leighton Vans) but I'm yet to do other bits. The next step is heading down to 'Forty Winks' tomorrow, to have a Kombi Bed fitted...
  2. Colner

    Spot The Difference...

    Not quite as nice as hidden fixings but the grey ones look much better than the white ones :thumbsup:
  3. Super Dog

    Interior lining and panelling system

    Hi, does anyone know where I can purchase covered and finished panels that I can fit in my T6 SwB. I would like to purchase a system and fit it myself after soundproofing, insulating and electrics etc. Struggling to find anything tbh, I'm in Leicestershire. Any help greatly appreciated. Cheers.