ignition barrel key

  1. veearrsix

    Intermittent ignition key won't turn

    The van is a 2014 T5.1 Shuttle DSG. Occasionally, when I go to start the van the key will only turn to position 1, it sort of feels like it would if the steering lock was on (it isn't, the steering wheel is free), sometimes pushing harder on the brake pedal will allow the key to turn, although...
  2. B

    problem obtaining spare key.

    Is there a known problem in obtaining spare key for T6. I ordered through a VW garage and have been waiting over 2 months,, I had to supply the vehicle log book and my driving licence, both were sent to VW (since returned - they would not accept copies) .beginning to wonder if the keywillever...
  3. Lewis4005

    Ignition issue

    Hi, Had an issue today with just the Key turning in the barrel, tried a couple of time, the key had to be in the off position to remove it, now seems to be working again until next time!!! New barrel or switch issue, 2014 T5.1
  4. B

    Ignition Fault

    Hi guys, Purchased my t6 last week from auctions and since then i’ve been having trouble with the ignition. It doesn’t happen every time but occasionally it will not let me turn the key to the final start position, I’ve tried with the spare key and get the same result. I have since purchased...