1. osman

    should I run my fridge on 240v or 12v whilst I'm hooked up

    Hi im puzzling over what I should do with my fridge when im hooked up to 240v .. I have the option of keeping the fridge plugged into my leisure battery OR plugged into the 240 via an adapter (240v Power supply) basically either way the fridge is running on 12v dc. So the fridge is un aware of...
  2. J

    Cali Ocean double Hook-up/Water fill point

    Does anyone know where I can get hold of the 2 in 1 hook up point that can be seen on some of the Ocean campers??
  3. R

    Wiring up travelvolts consumer unit

    just a quick question to confirm my thoughts as the instructions supplied dont match the layout of the supplied CU Does my pro drawing look right? i know earths are missing
  4. S

    240v consumer unit earthing

    Hi all, I've earthed my consumer to the earthing point under my passenger seat. Someone told me I shouldn't earth the 240v to the van as if there was a fault it would fry my 12v system in the van. Instead I should rely on the red and the earthing back yo the who in the campsite. Good idea or...
  5. Apretext

    What length hookup cable?

    Need to buy a hookup cable for our first trip out in the newly converted van next weekend, what length would people recommend? Hookup point is at the back bumper if that makes a difference. Ta!
  6. RyanGerry

    External 240 hook up options?

    So we’ve decided that we want to get a 240v hook up into the van so when we go camping we can set up the babies steriliser etc inside the van. Having never dabble in electrics etc I’m wondering what would be cheapest option to do this?
  7. L

    Leisure Battery Vs Electric Hook-up Vs Both

    Hi Guys, I am about to have a Leisure battery in and the quote comes with electric hook-up. It's quite an expensive quote and I am wondering as it is just a day van without cooker etc. Do I actually need an electric hook up should the leisure battery not suffice? I am interested in your...
  8. Coradia63

    240V hookup plug & socket

    Anyone used one of these? looks a bit smarter than the standard 16A blue plug & socket https://www.customveedubs.com/product-page/ip65-hookup-connection
  9. need4speed

    Electric hook up for 240volts

    Hi could you show me where your hook up point is fitted please on your T6 with barn doors, looking for suggestions.:cool::cool:
  10. Ann3x

    Is this Consumer Unit wired wrongly?

    This CU was fitted by a converter. Im relocating it atm to under bonnet but the wiring looks wrong way round to me - at least based on interior CUs. In the top of the CU live is on left, neutral on right. Am I going crazy or isnt it usually the other way around? Does it even matter in a single...
  11. Lowlec

    [Guide] Dash confirmation / warning while on electric hook up

    My electric hook up point is located under the bonnet,so with the bonnet closed and ehu plugged in,battery charger located in a cupboard it’s very hard to see!,my worst nightmare would be to drive off while on hook up! Or parked on the drive plugged into the house, so I decided to use an ESP...
  12. J

    External 240 Volt Hook Up Point

    Where do i set up a hook up point ?? do I cut a hole in the side of the van , don't like the idea of that , any suggestions , could not find any answers in search
  13. J88arv

    Electric Hook Up Kits

    Hi all, I’ve been looking at this for sometime but just can’t commit without knowing what’s best if that makes sense? move seen the hook up kits from the likes of Raynes etc but want to ask the following questions, where’s best to get a kit with good instructions and black plug outlets? how...
  14. Deaky

    Hookup And Consumer Unit Under The Bonnet

    At the minute, I have an EHU extension lead with a RCD and breaker built in to it. I run this into the van and plug my battery charger in when needed. I'm toying with the idea of fitting it permanently. Would there be anything wrong in fitting the EHU socket under the bonnet with an...
  15. H

    Mains Plug In Behind Vw Badge On Front Grille

    Hi, At the NEC last month I saw a really cool way of hiding the electrical hook up point behind the VW badge on the front grille, problem was I forgot who made it!!! Did anyone visit the show and spotted the VW company? The VW badge is hinged and swings out and beneath it the female 3 pin 230v...

    Group Buy On Vta Egrilles??

    Would anyone be interested ?? If we can get a little discount VTA eGrille. • VisionTech Automotive I’ve emailed , see what I hear back !
  17. B

    Newbie Question About 3 Pin Sockets

    Hi and apologies in advance if this is a bit dumb... But could do with some friendly help here I assumed the 3 pin (mains) sockets we have in our new (secondhand) T6 would work either on hook up or on leisure. But seems I'm wrong as they only work on hook up. Is this normal/correct? There's a...
  18. Pete C

    Mains Wiring/switching Question

    I have just spent a couple of hours helping my neighbour try to sort out some blown electrics on his "new to him" motorhome (not a VW). It looks like a home built setup, with either a mains hook-up connection or a 3.5kW inverter driving the mains sockets in the vehicle. It appears that it is...
  19. S

    Do I Need 240v Hookup?

    Hi My van is currently getting converted - Caravelle seats on LWB rails. I'm having a pop top roof and solar panel and diesel heater fitted and a small kitchen pod. My converter is saying that they can't fit the 240v control panel etc unless they build a box that will cover a part of the...
  20. Mavis628

    Going Abroad Hook Up Advise Needed

    Hi guys Going away in June for a month Switzerland and Italy, do i need to purchase any hook up adapters or will the end I use in the UK work, any links to what I need if I need it would be great Cheers Steve