1. M

    Very nice Looking site for the kids ...@ Hereford

    hi saw this last night On U tube Rolling rucks are having a bad time with warranty being cancelled for living full time in a new campervan ? But showed off this site looks really nice built for kids... Whitemead Forest Park Forest of Dean some of you might know it and would...
  2. VwT6Wanderlust

    Garage recommendation South Wales

    Does anyone have any garage recommendations around the Neath Swansea area please ?
  3. D

    Recommendations For Good Painter And Fitter Of Spoiler

    Hi All, Wondering if anybody can suggest a decent company in Herefordshire that will paint the spoiler and fit it please. Preferably somewhere that will do the job on a weekend would be a bonus. Thanks in advance, Dom
  4. gmaster

    Garage recommendation in Bristol?

    Hi All, Where would you recommend I go for my vans first service? Ideally in, or near Bristol (12,000 miles)? I have previously used Heritage Automotive, Bristol but they can be terrible!! Am I being silly not going back to them? After all it's just a service? I had an Ad Blue error code pop...