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  1. V

    Wheel choice.....Team Indium Grey!

    Hi everyone, Picking up my indium grey T6 next week and it currently has davenport wheels, so a few questions... how much do you sell the davenport wheels for on average? Also i would like to get some 18's and was thinking about going for the older matt black sport line alloys as the new ones...
  2. R

    Newbie post so please be gentle

    Hi all, new to this site (1st time on any such forum so please be nice and excuse the stupids questions) I'm looking for my first used van but cant decide which is the best way to go. I have list of 'needs to have' and a list of 'nice to have'. 'Need to haves' sends me to the swb combi But...
  3. D

    T5.1 140 Or T6 150 Manual ?. Which Is The Best And Why ?.y

    T5.1 140 bhp or T6 150 bhp manual . Which is best ?. Will be using for everyday running round. And look to maybe put a rock and roll bed in at a later stage . Comments appreciated .
  4. Walski

    Team Indium Grey

    Indium Grey 140 Highline DSG SWB. One week to go before it comes back from full camper conversion... Booked in for air ride and 3SDM 0.04s mid August.